CSB-IG Group

Current research broadly belongs to the Computational Systems Biology, Integrative Genomics and Biological Physics Arenas. The focus of research is the application of the theoretical foundations and mathematical insight of non-equilibrium statistical physics, probabilistic modeling and complex system’s theory in the analysis of biological problems, specially those of biomedical interest.

Research topics include deconvolution methods for gene regulatory networks, probabilistic modeling in genomics, functional and topological analysis of regulatory networks, as well as thermodynamically oriented search for regulatory pathways. Particular emphasis is given to pathway crosstalk/crosslink in cancer. Integrative genomics and data mining approaches to computational functional genomics are quite relevant to our research. We also study the role of genomic damage at the onset of tumorigenesis and the related issue of irreversibilty on DNA denaturation.

Past research includes: correlation analysis of time series related to gene function and the role of stochasticity, designs in population and statistical genomics of admixed populations, non-equilibrium statistical mechanics and irreversible thermodynamics, as well as critical dynamics, mathematical statistical mechanics, ergodic theory and measure theory, etc.

We are also interested in theoretical biology, nonequilibrium thermodynamics and statistical mechanics.

We are strong supporters of the OpenAccess/OpenScience/OpenData paradigms.

Current Projects

Current projects could be broadly categorized into the following lines:

Positions available

We have positions available for Undergrads/Grad Students/PostDocs with the following backgrounds (scholarships can be granted in some of these positions):