Web technologies update

2014-12-03 • absorto

It's been a long time since I javascript

Data analysis tools which I work on these days are better brought to the web through meta-applications like Galaxy. Although complex pipelines are best just scripted and shared through a software repo.

Anyway, I’m involved in the development of a web app again. In the process of looking before leaping I found this anouncement about an entire library being deprecated. Made me realize it’s been a long time since I’ve done any serious web development. Not that I ever used YUI, but it seems I missed an entire transition phase which has landed us in Javascript, which I’m not too enthusiastic about.

Oh well. I loked around and found w2ui which seems easy enough.

However I do like those RESTful interfaces.

So on the side of the server my plan is to move away from Django. The best part of it is the ORM, but I don’t think I’ll need the OO abstraction to represent documents which I plan to store on mongoDB. So: Flask here I come, and later I’ll probably attempt a rewrite in ring just for fun.

Kids these days!